Episode 2: The Holly Jolly Guardians

Welcome to Episode 2!

In this episode we discuss Charlotte Comicon, Spiderhands,and Pat Broderick vs.  Cosplay (including how to cosplay as us), Geek Meets (Book Club, Game Night, Star Wars at Charlotte Checkers), The new Hobbit movie,  Cards Against Humanities’ Black Friday sale,  Carrie Fisher vs. Gillian Anderson at DragonCon, Christmas Movies, the Cat’s obsession with Martin Freeman, Geeky & Favorite Christmas Music, and our Christmas wish list.

Things to note:

  1. Smaug is not a very thick fog, smog is. (Thanks, Tiffany)
  2. To see the video of our Spider hand in action, please visit our Facebook page!
  3. Michael Keaton was never Superman that we are aware of.
  4. Starneslord is not Randy Quaid. Honest.

Guardians of the Geekery Episode 2


Carol the Cat’s “All I Want for Christmas” favorite

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