Episode 12: Big Glee for Al Bigley!

Al BigleyWe were so honored to have award-winning illustrator Al Bigley join us this episode. Al has been working as an in-demand commercial artist since 1990, providing artwork to such clients as: Golden Books, DC Comics, CTW, Disney, Marvel Comics, Saban, Film Roman, Scholastic, McDonald’s, Kenner Toys, and many more. Al’s work has been used in conjunction with toys, concept art, design, packaging, books , magazines and comics, posters, storyboards, apparel, style guides, and much more!  To find out more about Al Bigley, visit www.albigley.com.  Also, make sure to check out his YouTube channel by clicking HERE.  For classes, check out www.albigleycartooning.com.

This episode, we attempt to discuss the following: 

Guardians of the Geekery Episode 12

Things to Note:

      • Peter Tork was heartbroken to find out that Al Bigley liked him least.  He’s currently in the corner in a fetal position.
      • Al Bigley and Tiffany have not yet reached a financial agreement on the Tiffany-Henry Cavill fetish comic.  If this changes, we will update you forwith!
      • It’s true, Starneslord has authored comics – you can buy it HERE. (Or you can buy it from him directly at one of the local comic conventions!)
      • Sorry about the coughing, we don’t edit.  If we did, half of what giddygeeker said would never get on air!
      • Tiffany asked if Branson was a prison, in case you missed that.  Missourians, do you think that is accurate?
      • Good news!  According to the NC Film website, we evidently might have some new film incentives. Maybe Henry Cavill will film here and run in to Tiffany at Harris Teeter!
      • We are sorry we posted the book club info late – but they meet every month – to find out the current book, look for it at www.meetup.com/The-Charlotte-Geeks
      • Al Bigley shared this blog post with us about Leonard Nimoy.  You can also read an article by Charlotte Geeks’ own Jim Craig HERE.

Videos/Pictures To Prove Its Real!

Age of Ultron Trailer #3

Leonard Nimoy sings the Legend of Bilbo Baggins

2009 live version of Leonard Nimoy singing the Legend of Bilbo Baggins

NPR’s Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me clip of Leonard Nimoy

Standby: Lights, Camera, Action clip with George Lucas on Return of the Jedi set

Leonard Nimoy’s Cameo on Big Bang Theory

Leonard Nimoy’s In Search Of UFOs episode

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