Episode 15: Delighted Tobehere! Lost Podcast

DelightedDelighted Tobehere (formerly known as Roxy C. Moorecox) joined us for a very special podcast. We have known and loved Delighted for years and were so sorry to hear that she was leaving us for concrete pastures (NYC). We were so devastated, in fact, that it took us WEEKS to post this podcast with her – so all the special events and things mentioned are long gone by. (Okay, so maybe also, the Giddygeeker got overwhelmed and exhausted with a bunch of things going on in her life.)

At any rate – we are calling this one of our “LOST” Episodes – and rather than keeping them from you, we are going to publish them without all the normal links and factoids and foolery that Giddygeeker usually posts. Because it was either post them without foolery – or have them be lost forever. And that would be a crime!

To find out more about the loveable (and much missed) Delighted Tobehere – please check out her website that will also link you to Facebook, Instagram, and all her other fabulous social media presences.



Guardians of the Geekery Episode 15



Things to Note:

  • Joey the Giddygeeker was very, very far behind in her podcasting duties.  Maybe, at some future date, she will try to come back and link everything we promised.  But for now – LINK IT YOURSELF!  (Sorry, was that mean? We just wanted to post the podcast – there’s some funny stuff on here.)


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