Episode 19: Cheralyn Lambeth Lost Episode

Cher Lambeth Cher-LambethCheralyn Lambeth, joined us for our 19th Episode. Cher is a professional costume, prop and puppet builder whose work includes feature films (The Muppet Christmas Carol, The Patriot, Evan Almighty, Leatherheads, The Hunger Games, Max), television shows (Dinosaurs!, Homeland), and live/interactive attractions (The Star Trek Earth Tour, Star Trek: The Experience at the Las Vegas Hilton). She also writes non-fiction ghost books (Haunted Theaters of the Carolinas) and puppet/cosplay books (The Well-Dressed Puppet and Creating the Character Costume: Tools, Tips, and Tricks From Top Costumers and Cosplayers). On the fan side of things, Cher is proud to be an active and long-time member of the 501st Legion, serving as Legion Historian/Archivist, as well as a member of the Carolina Ghostbusters, with whom she works (when not Ghostbusting) as a regular co-host for their weekly podcast The Sci-Fried Eggs.


We are calling this one of our “LOST” Episodes – and rather than keeping them from you, we are going to publish them without all the normal links and factoids and foolery that Giddygeeker usually posts. Because it was either post them without foolery – or have them be lost forever. And that would be a crime!

Cheralyn Lambeth is all over the place – but she will most definitely be at ConCarolinas along with US – the Guardians of the Geekery!  Check this event out at www.ConCarolinas.org 



Guardians of the Geekery Episode 19


Things to Note:

  • Joey the Giddygeeker was very, very far behind in her podcasting duties.  Maybe, at some future date, she will try to come back and link everything we promised.  But for now – LINK IT YOURSELF!  (Sorry, was that mean? We just wanted to post the podcast – there’s some funny stuff on here.)


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