Episode 24A: Gaming at Storm-Con

On the road again!  Starneslord and Giddygeeker were the Away Team for this mission (neither of us packed any red shirts on purpose – phew!) and headed down to Storm-Con in historic Charleston, South Carolina.   For this podcast we were joined by game designer Coleman Richards, and Storm-Con organizers Barry Lewis and Keith Mageau. 

Coleman Coleman Richards is a recent high school graduate who is ready to launch his first game design, Galactic Domination. Although currently not ready for distribution, Coleman set up demonstrations of the game at Storm-Con and had a great response from the crowd!

Coleman is currently working on setting up an online presence for Galactic Domination – check back soon for an update! 


barry LewisBarry Lewis is one of the directors of Storm-Con.  Storm-Con is a gaming convention held in Charleston, SC and this year was their third year.  Along with tabletop and boardgames, there was also tournament and organized playing, RPGs and even historical wargames along with a cool programming track.  To check out StormCon for next year, visit www.storm-con.com.



Keith and Son

Keith and his son Brian

Keith Mageau is also one of the directors of Storm-Con.  He also has his own blog, Rolling Boxcars, where he provides game reviews, playtest comments, kickstarter banter, game related editorials, game related rants and raves, and convention and website reviews. To check it out, visit www.rollingboxcars.com.

Guardians of the Geekery Episode 24A

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