Episode 26: Herc’s Doing Something Clever(Con)

Episode 26 found Starneslord and Giddygeeker alone at Geek Gala HQ to run the heavy metal podcast (We fear that Carol the Cat got hung up by ‘The Gallows.’  As for Tiffles, well, she must have found a Gossip Girl/Gilmore Girls/Henry Cavill marathon somewhere.)   No matter!  We were delighted to host Adam Nelson and Kelly Flusk as they officially announced CleverCon on August 15th.  Joining us was also Eraklis Petmezas (aka MadTiki aka Herc) – a wonderful artist and leader of Sketch Charlotte.  

Something Clever originated in 2011 as primarily a cover act, however over the years as the lineup changed, the band shifted focus, with a prevalent element of fist-clenching, ‘go-for-it’ active rock and metal throughout their originally penned songs. Armed with their current lineup of Adam Nelson on vocals, lead guitarist and founding member Kelly Flusk, rhythm guitarist/backing vocalist Brett Baker, bassist/backing vocalist Colt Crevar, and drummer Dylan Roles, they’ve honed a new edge to their music, and are leaning into it.



Lead Guitarist Kelly Flusk


Lead Vocalist Adam Nelson

Something Clever was also commissioned to create music for Charlotte channel WSOC TV’s high school football segment for television broadcast, running the last two football seasons straight. Some very positive response has skyrocketed the band to the number 1 spot on Reverb Nation for metal acts from Charlotte.The band’s current EP release, ‘Season of Darkness’, is part of a double-EP endeavor, which began global distribution on March 17th, 2015. The second EP, ‘Season of Light’, is set for a late-2015, early 2016 launch.

For more information, visit their website at www.somethingcleverband.com.

To find out more about CleverCon, click here.

Eraklis PetmezasEraklis Petmezas (Herc) graduated from the Savannah College of Art & Design witha BFA in Illustration. In the years to follow he created art for numerous musical acts and quite a number of editorial illustrations, storyboards, window displays and many pages of comic art. He’s had work published by Image comics, Arcana, and Asylum Press. His first love will always be telling stories. He is working on new comics as you read this. In 2006 he started Sketch Charlotte, a weekly meeting of artists, musicians, designers and writers in the Charlotte area. That same year he joined 803 Studios; an art collective out of South Carolina. When he’s not drawing he conducts a Comics Camp for the Imaginon Library. He will gladly accept money in exchange for art, if you are willing to part with some.

Check out his Deviant Art page as well as the Facebook page for Sketch Charlotte.


Guardians of the Geekery Episode 26

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