Episode 27: We Geek Out with Girls and Gamers

Episode 27! Candice Carpenter from We Geek Girls and our 2nd Indiegogo Perk Partner, Patrick Owen Barnhardt.  And Carol the Cat and Tenacious Tiffles Tinsley Tennenbaum (or whatever she is calling herself this week) were back to join us in a fun week of discussing Congregate, Antman, SDCC trailers and updates and more. 

CandiceCandice Carpenter (CC) is a proud product of what she considers to be a very cool decade (the 80’s).  She credits her two brothers for helping to make her the well-rounded geek girl she is.  Her geekdom took a huge leap when she began to read more. Enter Tolkien, Lewis, King, Lackey, Wies/Hickman, and the list goes on. She is the co-contributor of We Geek Girls, a site dedicated to all things geeky. Movies, TV shows, Cosplay, and more.  To check out their site, visit CC at www.wegeekgirls.com.


PatrickPatrick Owen Barnhardt is not a stripper, nor does he play one on television.  But there was this one time at a Geek Meet where he almost did.  Supposedly. He’s also the founder, CEO and go-to guy of Helical Games, an independent game development team working on several cool projects.  Rumor has it that he also has a day job, but since he won’t tell us where it is, we are still going with our gut on this one.  No matter what, he brought the podcast team pizza and soda, and he supported our Indiegogo, so he’s a hero in our book.


Guardians of the Geekery Episode 27

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