Episode 31: A Field full of Joshing!

For episode we had our first ever return guest, Field Cantey of Robot Johnson Sketch Comedy!  And this time he brought with him Josh Lanier, writer for the group. You can see their work at the Salisbury Comedy Festival on August 21-22.  You can also see Field in the play “The Book of Liz” by Amy & David Sedaris, being performed Wed – Sat until August 22.  For info on the comedy festival, please click here.  To buy tickets for The Book of Liz click here. For future events with Donna Scot Productions, click here.  Click everywhere – it’s fun! 

Field CanteyField Cantey is the worst.  No really, it’s on his bio on Robot Johnson’s website so it must be true.  He is looking at this cheese ball because it’s a joke within the play, which is really awesome and you should go see it.  He also has a fear of clowns, creepy dolls and electronic trash cans, which is why we torment him with them at any opportunity.  Like having our Creepy Cindy doll greet him the minute he walks in our front door.  And no matter what he claims, we really didn’t keep him chained up in our garage with a plethora of sponges.  It was only 6, because that’s how they are sold in the package.

Josh Lanier

Being a writer for Robot Johnson Sketch Comedy is so awesome that Josh Lanier is forced to go undercover as a mild mannered reporter for The Daily Planet The Charlotte Observer.   This was our first time hanging out with Josh so we don’t have as much funny and cruel stuff to say about him, but we’ll make sure to think of some for next time.  In actuality, we are very thankful he decided to join us on such short notice. But we did report him to the Geek committee after we found out that he owns the entire series of Firefly and hasn’t watched it yet.  We also found out that he grew a “beard of sadness” because when his face is naked he looks 7 and gets carded when trying to buy beer.  And as Buffy the Vampire Slayer is fond of pointing out, “Beer foamy.”


Guardians of the Geekery Episode 31

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