Episode 29: Of Yetis, Marvels and Reefer Snakes!

Episode 29! Jay Requard joined us for this week’s podcast and there was much merriment and jokes at author John Hartness’ expense (we love you, John – really!)  

Born on a grim grey day in 1986, Jay Requard is a Heroic Fantasy author with a penchant for thrilling action, grand heroes, and high-adventure. Two of his most recent works include Gem of Acitus and Reefer Snakes!  (the exclamation point is in the title – it’s not giddygeeker getting all giddy.) His work has appeared in various anthologies and he is currently hard at work on his third manuscript entitled “Jishnu – The Risen.” He lives in Charlotte, North Carolina with a fluffy cat named Mona and way too many edged weapons.

Jay is also the host of the well-reviewed Sword & Sorcery blog “Sit. Write. Bleed.”, and is the current head organizer of Charlotte Writers, the city’s premiere creative writing organization that was first established in 2008.

(And even though this gleefully stolen biography that we stole from his Amazon page doesn’t say it, Jay is also a member of The Charlotte Geeks and we kinda like him a lot.)

Guardians of the Geekery Episode 29

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