Episode 36: Flashes of Brilliance

Episode 36! Our very first guest, author/podcaster John Hartness returns and Jim Ryan (yes that Jim Ryan) joins in.  We discuss podcasting, writing, and Uncle John reads the winner of our 2015 Monster Mash Flash Fiction Contest.  

John Hartness –  You may know him as the writer of The Black Knight and Bubba The Monster Hunter stories. He also has his own podcast, Literate Liquors, as well. You can find out all about him at www.johnhartness.com.
jim ryan
Jim Ryan enjoys entertaining people. To this end, he has at various times worked to put together theatrical productions, free-press fiction & nonfiction journals, free press comic books, short stories, long stories, monologues, tabletop & live-action role-playing games and various audio thingies.  You can find out about most of them at www.jimyesthatjim.com 
Bruce Mulford
Bruce Mulford was the winner of our 2015 Monster Mash Flash Fiction Contest with his short story Breakfast.  Bruce lives in Rock Hill, is originally from New Jersey, married w/three children, loves to write, read, tabletop Rpg, board games, video games, guitar, Doctor Who, Stargate Atlantis.  If you want to know more, check him out on Facebook.   Or talk to him more about the Geek Gala – because he won a ticket to be there!  To find out more about the Geek Gala, visit www.geekgala.com


Guardians of the Geekery Episode 36

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