Episode 41: Talking Tiny with Marie Boucher

Episode 41! Marie Boucher joins us this week and we talk about the tiny house movement and her experience with it.  (Marie was recently featured on The Charlotte Observer – article link here!)  (And if you think this episode is shorter than normal – you are right – we are testing out a new format with 2 podcasts per week – one with just the interview, the other with just the news and views of the team!) 

When Marie is not working with her husband on their tiny house she is also a tour guide for Charlotte with her own company, RaconTours of Charlotte. The RaconTour is a one-hour storytelling adventure through the dark history of Charlotte. Reserve your space by visiting the website. Take a walk with her soon – it’s a lot of fun! 


 Here’s some more pics of her Tiny House in Progress:
Tiny House Inside Tiny House Up
Twitter: @RaconToursCLT
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Guardians of the Geekery Episode 41

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