Episode 60: Lost in Space News with Darryl Mansell

Episode 60! We are calling these the “Lost in Space” episodes – because Giddygeeker went all space cadet and got behind in posting again.  Darryl Mansell stayed around to talk news on 12/15.  Giddygeeker was still out on another business trip, eating cheese curds! 

Darryl Mansell is a member of The Charlotte Geeks and the host of the Poprika Podcast, The Cineautomatics and Dirty Boys Radio. On his podcast he discusses movies, TV, comics, video games, books, anime, and anything else that comes across the brain. This includes spinning some quality hip hop in between sections so you can nod along and enjoy the show. Follow him on Twitter: @seedalicious and @seedlessnseattl

Guardians of the Geekery Episode 60


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