Episode 62: Wrestling with Comedy with Jake “Manscout” Manning

Episode 62!  Jake “Manscout” Manning joined us on 1/29/16 to talk about pro wrestling, stand up comedy, his video podcast, and much more.  

Pro Wrestler/Comedian/Filmmaker Jake Manning is the host of the successful podcast, Stranger in a Southern Land. Jake was raised in a town of 82 people. A town where his father became the mayor of his hometown due to 21 write in votes. So, at a young age Jake learned anything is possible.
After competing in Track & Field and gaining a degree in broadcasting at Western Illinois University Jake went out into the world to chase his dream of being a professional wrestler. While working on one trade (wrestling) Jake made ends meet with his other trade (video production).
Manscout ManningJake became a director and producer for Highspots.com. During his time with the company he has produced at least 30 plus video projects a year for the online wrestling merchandise company, including several documentaries.
Also, Jake is a promoter of several wrestling related events that have occurred in multiple different states and venues.

His podcast is available in audio and video formats. The audio format is available for free on iTunes, Stitcher & AudioBoom. The video format is available for free on Vimeo & YouTube both of which are compatible with a Roku devices. Stranger in a Southern Land Show is also available on The Shinning Wizards Network at shiningwizardsnetwork.com and SSLShow.com

Guardians of the Geekery Episode 62


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