Episode 65: News of the Week with QCHPA!

Episode 65!  Nila Kannan and Morgan Feldman from Queen City Harry Potter Alliance hung around as we discussed the news!  

Their next Chapter meeting is Saturday, March 12th and you can totally be there! Here’s a link to the Geek Meet! 

 The Harry Potter Alliance is a nonprofit organization run primarily by fans of Harry Potter and other works of fiction. The Queen City Chapter of the Harry Potter Alliance consists of passionate fans who want to make a difference in the world. We use the power of story to fuel real-world problem solving and make a positive impact on the community. Through fandom-themed volunteer work, we strive to make our community a better place.

MorganMorgan Feldman is co-founder and current president of the Queen City Harry Potter Alliance. She’s first and foremost a writer, but dabbles in all kinds of storytelling, including film and YouTubing. She’s also Marketing + Communications Coordinator at T1V, a Charlotte start up specializing in interactive technology that would make Tony Stark jealous. Check out her website at http://www.morganlfeldman.com


NilaNila Kannan is co-founder and Secretary of the Queen City Harry Potter Alliance. She is pursuing a master’s degree in Speech Language Pathology and spends her free time cosplaying and creating fandom-themed nail art.



Guardians of the Geekery Episode 65


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