Episode 69: News & Views with Get Dead’s Megan Grant

Episode 69!  Megan Grant from Get Dead Crew hangs out to talk News and Views with us! 

Megan GrantMegan Grant is a professional hair and scare extraordinaire.  Megan is a licensed Cosmetologist with years of experience in haunted houses, modeling, conventions, film and photoshoots.  She has helped lead and organize events and classes of all kinds.  

You can see and meet Megan and that upcoming Mad Monster Party here in Charlotte, NC at the end of March! 

Aiming to paint the town dead since 2012
Website:  Www.breathingcanvasfx.com    
Facebook: www.facebook.com/GetDeadCrew

Megan Grant Zombie wrap



Megan Grant - Makeup







































Guardians of the Geekery Episode 69


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