Episode 70: Nerdcore Video Game Musicmakers – Gamebreax!

Episode 70!  We are joined by Omega Sparx and SWATS from Gamebreax!  These guys were hilarious!! 



GameBreax is a nerdcore music group that excel at creating cutting edge music for the entertainment industry. Their sound is a powerful blend of Hip Hop, Rock, J-Pop and Electronic Instrumentation. Their primary emphasis is on video games as they strive to speak through the eyes of characters that people know and love.

Omega SparxOmega Sparx

Omega Sparx has been enchanted by Hip Hop and Video Games for years. As a young boy, he stumbled upon a Fatal Fury cabinet and was captivated by the way the two teens playing seemed to be paying close attention to their timing and execution. He set his quarter on the cabinet to signify “next up”, and from then on – game over.


Coming from an Information Systems, Musical and Drama background, SWATS is a jack of all trades. Alongside Omega Sparx, SWATS helped build GameBreax into what it is today: “Sparx and I have known each other since college and this has been a collective dream of ours ever since.”


  • Contracted by Microsoft to create Killer Instinct Theme Song for Xbox One
  • Creates the Hype Songs for Evolution Championship, the largest fighting game tournament in the world
  • Generated Millions of views on YouTube


  • GameBreakers Vol. 1 (2014)
  • GameBreakers Vol. 2 (2016)




Guardians of the Geekery Episode 70


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