Episode 77: News and Views with Kim Wunderlich-Cady of CCI Greenheart

Episode 77!  Kim Wunderlich-Cady from CCI Greenheart Foreign Exchange Student Programs stuck around to talk about the news and views with us.  You may remember Kim’s name – she was one of our top 3 winners from last year’s Flash Fiction Writing Contest 🙂 

She has worked on Foreign Exchange Student programs for the past 12 years, and with CCI Greenheart for several years  now – and she needs our help!

In her own words: I felt the Charlotte Geeks, who have a wide-reaching presence here in Charlotte, would a great outlet to try and find host families for my favorite subset of student: The Geek and for the subset most overlooked: The Asian Student (especially boys). The students chosen first are the ones perceived by host families to be sporty or extroverted. Any that seem like they may be quieter or introverted are not selected as quickly. But Geek families/hosts know better! We know that a kid playing on the Xbox is talking to 50 other people. We know that getting up a PVP RPG isn’t being anti-social – it’s quite the opposite considering all of the interactions you must complete. Geeks also have an appreciation of Asian cultures due to their interest in anime’, gaming (card and video), manga, comic cons and cosplay. Geeks also often understand what it feels like to be chosen last for teams, etc. – so who better than to make sure these kids are NOT chosen last for a change? We can show these kids that nerdy folks have homes, families, jobs, pets, friends and adventures… yet still love Star Trek, Star Wars, Anime’, Dungeons and Dragons, Comic Cons, Spaceships, Dice, Video Games, etc.

I’m hoping my fellow geeks would like to break the cycle and help these kids be first for a change.
Anyone can host – single, married, kids, no kids, same sex couples. If you are willing to open your homes and hearts we are certainly willing to open our minds!

To find out more, please visit: CCI Greenheart | Foreign Exchange Student Programs

To apply to be a host family, please visit: Long-term Hosting | Host Families | CCI Greenheart

Remember to mention that you heard about it through the Charlotte Geeks for special rewards!

  • The first 2 families to sign up through the Charlotte Geeks will get $100 gift card to either Target or Publix, along with their Geek Gala tickets (including the student if they want to take them)

Guardians of the Geekery Episode 77


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