Episode 80: Geek Out with Corey Camori

Episode 80!  Corey Camori has a sleepover in the garage with Field and discusses the current news and views of geekery.  And his girlfriend Holly Spanger was forced to talk on air. Cause we can!  

Corey and Holly - CopyCorey Camori is the lead vocalist of the Charlotte based Rock bands Camori and Teratorn, and Holly Spangler is his girlfriend/partner in crime. Camori’s music is centered around a sci-fi story of rebellion and revolutionaries, while Teratorn’s music is steeped in a mythological fantasy realm of Fiery Condors and Enchanted Weapons of godly origins. Both bands’ albums can be accessed and purchased on Bandcamp, iTunes and Spotify. And for more updates on music and show dates be sure to follow them on their respective Facebook pages.

Find them on the interwebz!

Camori: facebook.com/camoriband

Teratorn: facebook.com/teratornband


Originally recorded 4/26. 

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