Episode 87: Pursued by a Bear About the News and Views with Joey Navarra Jr

13446264_10154227390961064_1076303069_oEpisode 87! Joey Navarra Jr stayed the night so we could talk more about his new zine “Pursued by a Bear” – and his upcoming appearance at this year’s HeroesCon – happening this weekend – June 17-19th.  And also the news and views of the week!  And to Celebrate Carol the Cat’s birthday with us (cuz cake!  and cider!)

Joey Navarra Jr is a freelance artist based out of Charlotte, NC. He received his AFA from Central Piedmont Community College and his Bachelor of Arts from the University of North Carolina at Asheville. He would love to hear from you, feel free to contact him for any type of job or commission or if you would like to argue with him on which order to watch the Star Wars trilogies in.

His tag line is Joey Navarra Jr. Pen for Hire. Definitely not a werewolf.


Originally recorded 6/14/2016
Guardians of the Geekery Episode 87



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