Episode 95: News Me Now, Stranger!

Episode 95! We talk about Stranger Things, Outcast, Luke Cage, Absolutely Fabulous, Batman: The Killing Joke, Hunt for Wilderpeople, Star Trek, Blair Witch Sequel, Justice League, Spiderman, Wonder Woman, Pacific Rim, Pete’s Dragon, Harry Potter New Book, Starbucks, Star Trek Make-up, Miss Cleo and so much more.

The men of Thirsty Nomad Brewing Company (Brad, Michael and Greg) stayed over in the garage with Field (don’t drink and drive!) and stayed around to comment about things! news! stuff! more stuff!

About Thirsty Nomad (From Brad): Thirsty Nomad Brewing is a small craft brewery in Charlotte, NC. We’ll start off with 8 taps serving the beers you’ll find in the blog and what we’re brewing. In addition, we’ll offer other local craft beverages to round out our lineup, including Windy Hill Cider, Stumptown Cold Brew on Nitro, Redemption Brew Works Ginger Beer, and Canonborough Sodas. Since we’re focused on beer, we plan on relying on others for their food expertise by partnering with local restaurants, caterers, and food trucks.

Location:   4402 Stuart Andrew Blvd, Ste A  Charlotte, NC


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