Episode 99: Don’t Diss the News and Views!

Episode 99! The creators of Diss Jockey hung out another day to go over the news and views of the past week – thanks for that!

About Diss JockeyDiss Jockey is a party game where players select a song that best matches a theme.  Players use their devices to cue up their music and play it for the Diss Jockey, who picks the best and worst selections.  The themes are varied, unique, outrageous and hilarious. 

About the Creators:

Brian Coggins:  Brian is very skilled in the deadly art of sarcasm, and has a PHD in geekology. He was abandoned as a child in a movie theater showing Star Wars at a very young age 14 times.
This trying experience(s) shaped him into the adult man he is today. A grown adult with action figures in his Grandmother’s china cabinet. His Nerd Cave is located somewhere in Charlotte North Carolina where he has managed to pass his charisma roll in order to charm a woman well out of his league. This has resulted in 2 wonderful little birds who are currently fleeing the nest as fast as their little wings will carry them.
Somehow this ended up being about birds.

Terry Gabbard: Terry is a guy who lives in Charlotte, NC with his wife and two tax deductions. He considers himself to be an above average human being and doesn’t like litter bugs. He is usually the one singing the loudest and dancing the best at all Diss Jockey events. Here endeth my bio.

Brian Seagroves: No bio provided – let’s diss him!


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