Episode 100: Part 2 of our Celebration

Episode 100 (Part 2)!   Somehow – somehow – we made it to 100 episodes!  Crazy!  We were fortunate to have 28 of our past guests join us at the Kickstand Burger Bar in Charlotte, NC for our 100th Episode Extravaganza.  We’ve broken the recording in to 2 podcasts to maximize your listening enjoyment!

In This Segment:

  • Podcast Intro with guest announcer Chris Jones
  • Monologue with Jim Ryan
  • Reading by Misty Massey
  • Reading by John Hartness
  • Song by Gamebreax with Omega Sparks and SWATS
  • Podcaster Roast with Jim Ryan, John Hartness, Darryl Mansell, Jake Feurbach and Chuck Carte
  • Diss Jockey game with Danny Seavers, Candice Carpenter, Ian Kiser, Kim Wunderlich-Cady, Patrick Barnhardt, Ryan Graham, and Wanda Harward
  • Time Warp Closer with Randall and Judy Chou
And for your bemusement – here is a copy of Giddygeeker’s bad, bad poem (with links to all her inside references):

We welcome you to our 100th Geekery from Guardians,

And look back for a moment at our past Shenardians.

From Robots with Johnsons to Horrors most Rocky

Thirsty Nomads on Tangents who like to Diss Jockeys

With Mad Kestrels,  Bubbas and Snakes smoking Reefer,

Riddles and Daughters and Zombies who Be There,

From Gallifrey’s Coast to Sanctuary Bay

We’re Delighted ToBeHere, we’re Lucky 13 to say.

We know what we drank, we did it with Big Glee

We know Something’s Clever, just ask Chucky Cart-E

We podcasted Atomacon, ConCarolinas and Storm-Con,

We Altered IDs, Wolfed Valentines and Miked Masons,

We found out that Charlotte is sometimes quite Sketchy,

With Mage Warriors, and Bullfrogs, and Cher’s cosplay so fetching,

We’ve hosted Manticorians, Kilted Chefs and a Liar,

Dudes who Revued and Geek Girls who Inspire.

Got academic at Mythgard, and Comic with Kerri,

We meditated with Jessica and Allianced with Harry

Spoke houses quite tiny and derbies most rolly,

Murdered some Fools, and practiced some yogi,

We memoired some Mocha with podcasting’s Rich

And spoke Abubika with almost nary a hitch,

Darryl took us to Pineville, Manscout was hardly a stranger

We Cyphercasted Just 1 Call if we were in danger.

We went Rogue Getting Dead, then we went to Abari,

Told tales with Camori and hosted kids on Safari,

Gamebreax gave us some rhythm, Heroes gave us The Drum,

We were Pursued by a Bear, which made us all run.

With Iron and Blood, we met That Jim Ryan,

And now I am done – so please stop your crying. 

Originally recorded 08/20/2016
Guardians of the Geekery Episode 100 – Part 2


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