Episode 132: More Tangents, Please!

Episode 132!
  Carl Fulmer from Tangents Magazine hangs out as we discuss this week’s news, views, and why all the bars in Charlotte and music venues are closing.

About Carl Fulmer: Carl Fulmer is co-founder of Tangents and in charge of advertising and marketing.  He hates kayaking and Donald Drumf, loves Doctor Who and Netflix Marvel shows. He was born in Alabama and has lived in Charlotte since 1973 where he has attended UNCC and CPCC. In everyday life, Carl works for a major financial institution and hates it and thus is very happy that Tangents is back.

Want to submit your story, art, or poem to Tangents? Email them at tangentsmagazine@gmail.com

Website: tangentsmag.com

This Episode’s Topics Include:
  • Powerless
  • Walking Dead
  • Star Trek: Discovery – Jason Isaacs as Captain
  • Reboot:  Battle of the Network Stars
  • Dancing With The Stars season 24 cast announced
  • So You Think You Can Dance – Mary Murphy is back!


  • Logan
  • Deadpool 2 Trailer
  • Guardians of the Galaxy new trailer
  • Beauty and the Beast controversy


  • The Girl with all the Gifts


  • Missing Richard Simmons podcast
  • Raleigh Theme Park Announced
  • Charlotte Comicon – Kong: Skull island swag!
  • RIP:  TCM’s Robert Osborne
  • The State of Music in Charlotte

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