Episode 148: Trapped with Andy Nguyen from The Box Escape Room!

Episode 148!  Andy Nguyen from The Box Escape Room captures our attention with information about The Box Escape Room here in Charlotte!

About The Box Escape Room

The Box is a new Escape Room in town that provides the most fun experiences for families, couples and anyone just looking to have a fun time. Solving puzzles, working together, and learning the dark stories hidden within are just some of the many experiences you’ll find when you enter The Box.​

On The Interwebz

Website:  www.TheBoxEscapeRoom.com

Facebook: fb.me/TheBoxCLT

Instagram: TheBoxExperience

Twitter: TheBoxCLT

Originally recorded 05/10/2017

2 thoughts on “Episode 148: Trapped with Andy Nguyen from The Box Escape Room!

  1. I somewhat disagree. I think everybody has to see The Room. It’s a masterpiece of making a movie wrong. There is no incorrect thing that wasn’t done. Bring up that a character has cancer, then never reference it again? Check. Have character feel guilty about sleeping with his best friend’s girlfriend… every time he does it? Check. Football in tuxedos for no reason? Yup. Masterful.

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