Away Team @ ConCarolinas: Rich Sigfrit

The Guardians loved being at ConCarolinas, and the opportunity it provided us to interview some folks you might not get to hear otherwise. Podcasting’s Rich Sigfrit joined us to talk about his involvement with a new venture, Creativity out of Context.

About Rich Sigfrit

We are so delighted to have Rich returning to emcee this year’s Geek Gala – for more information about Rich and to buy your tickets – click here.




About Creativity out of Context

Creativity Out of Context is an Art and Entertainment collective under the direction of Sarah “Jynxx” Hawk. They do pop up shows and artisan markets.They are geared towards representing all forms and genres, and strive to create a place for all forms of art and artist to gather, create and be active in the community.  To visit their Facebook page for more information, click here.

Originally recorded 06/04/2017

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