Episode 157: Gal Gadot, Han Solo, and Nancy Curl!

Episode 157!  Nancy Curl hangs around as we discuss highlights from the week’s news as well as a few of our guardables!

This Week’s Topics Include:


  • RIP: Stephen Furst
  • Gal Gadot only paid $300k for Wonder Woman? Fact or Fiction
  • Atari launches new gaming console
  • Han Solo movie losing its directors
  • Manos Returns trailer released!
  • Community Calendar video blog – now on YouTube!


  • Carol the Cat: American Gods, Movie Review: It Comes At Night
  • Starneslord: Tracy Morgan special Staying Alive; Defenders #1 comic (spoiler free review), Movie Review: Office Christmas Party
  • Giddygeeker : Brit TV (Doctor Who, Orphan Black)
  • Tiffles: Movie Review: Rough Night

See her explain some of her pieces live!

About Nancy Curl

While working in the corporate world for many years, Nancy had the opportunity to live in different cultures, including several years in Hong Kong, London and New York. One executive role included managing people from 27 different countries. From this experience, Nancy developed a unique perspective resulting in co-authoring a book, “Inclusive Leadership” which is still used as a training tool by executives in Asia, Europe South America and South Africa. After serving as an international consultant for several years, (Nancy is a “million miler” on two different airlines) Nancy found new opportunities beyond being a workaholic. She became a Chopra Certified Meditation instructor, a Level II Yoga teacher, and developed a passion for glass art. She also found her best souvenir ever in London– a feisty Australian named Wayne Wiseman– whom she had to marry to bring home. After living in New York for a few years, Nancy and Wayne moved to Charlotte to decide where they wanted to live in the US—and they have yet to find a place that suits them better than Charlotte.

About Celebrating the Light

In 2013 a friend asked Nancy to take a class in Stained Glass with her (she is shy and wanted company) so she joined her. After that class, Nancy was introduced to “warm” glass–which is fused in a kiln as well as “hot” glass which is melted in a furnace. While her friend lost interest after our class, Nancy found her creative passion!

Nancy’s Studio

Now she has a small studio which is paradise, two kilns, has been featured at a show in Las Vegas as well as a catalog and spends time with her glass pals who are all over the place. In July, Nancy and two others will spend time in Belfast with Karl Harmon, an international master, to play in his studio with him.


The other fun thing she does is teach meditation techniques at a Wellness Center. According to Nancy, “Life is very, very good.”

More Info:

We were happy to interview Nancy recently on CharlotteGeeks.com on her return to the Muggles Market.  To read her 2017 interview, click here.  For her 2016 interview, click here.

Originally recorded 06/21/2017

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