Away Team @ ConCarolinas: Gild the Mourn

The Guardians loved being at ConCarolinas, and the opportunity it provided us to interview some folks you might not get to hear otherwise.  We had a chance to meet with musical guest Gild the Mourn – who will also be a guest at ConGregate on July 14-16.

About Gild the Mourn

photo by Kevin McGee

Timeless stories inspired by ancient lore.

The Fairytale themed Gothic Rock band, Gild the Mourn consists of members Angel and Gopal Metro (Bella Morte/ Brighter Fires). The duo started writing together in 2012, and formed Gild The Mourn in 2014. Inspired by their love of high fantasy and ghost stories, the music combines elements of gothic rock, dark wave, post-punk and classic fairytales to create a world beyond our own. Clad in leather armor and war paint, they tell tales of battles long forgotten, worlds that’ve faded from the pages of memory, and the struggles of the human condition. They strive to create a positive culture around their music, focusing heavily on inner strength and perseverance. Their motto ‘In the Darkest of Times, Find Light Within’ represents finding fortitude within one’s self during times of hardship and strife.

Find them on the Interwebz

Facebook: Gild the Mourn

Website: Gild the Mourn

Twitter: @GildtheMourn

Instagram: GildtheMourn

Bandcamp: Gild the Mourn



Originally recorded 06/04/2017

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