Episode 165: Take 2 on Geeky Chic News with Emily Kramer

Episode 165!  We talked about the last 2 weeks news and views with Emily Kramer of Emily Kramer Design.  Emily also gave us a sneak peek in the world of Game of Thrones costuming as  well as her upcoming appearance at this year’s Muggles Market and her new opportunity to go to New York Fashion Week!

This Week’s Topics Included:


  • RIP: John Heard, Sam Shephard
  • Valentine Wolfe Kickstarter Update
  • Tom Welling (Smallville) joins CW’s Lucifer
  • NASA posts Planetary Protection Officer position
  • Tom Holland Responds to Kirsten Dunst
  • Community Calendar Reminder


  • Carol: Game of Thrones (Hot Pie), War of the Planet of the Apes, Valerian, B-Sides, Atomic Blonde
  • Matt: The Stranger in the Woods, #MakeMineMilkshakes, Star Trek
  • Joey : ImagiCON
  • Tiffany: Lady MacBeth, Girls’ Night, Younger
  • Emily:  Facebook AI shutdown

About Emily Kramer

In Emily’s own words:

At age 11, Emily was Laura Ingalls Wilder in the backyard plays of her suburban Chicago neighborhood. Except she wasn’t just an actress, she also made the costumes for everyone on the cast. They were about what you’d expect from an 11-year-old who learned to sew from her grandmother.

Since then, Emily has had many years of professional costuming & fashion design experience. She has costumed for the Royal Court at the Minnesota Renaissance Festival and for historical re-enactors of many eras, a Twig the Fairy DVD, short film, and theater. 

Having shown regular modern fashion collections on Chicago and Charlotte runways, Emily keeps her flair for the dramatic, leaning toward red carpet and formal gowns. Her passion for recycling and eco-friendliness got her involved with designing dresses out of recycled materials. She designed dresses from leftover flyers from Opera Carolina to help promote The Barber of Seville, Pagliacci, Rigoletto (opening Feb 2018) and their Opera Recycles program. She is headed to New York Fashion Week in September with Opera Carolina to show her recycled pieces on the runway as part of the #operarecycles program.

Her favorite thing about designing is photo shoots, and she enjoys creating photo art of her own, along with the collaborative team Alchemy in Imagery (alchemyinimagery.com


On the Interwebz

Website: Emily Kramer Designs

Twitter:  EK Fashion Design

Facebook: EK Fashion Design

GoFundMe: Going to New York Fashion Week

Originally recorded 08/02/2017

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