Episode 167: Netflix, Hasselhoff, and Chickens Attack with The Guild

Episode 167!  The Guild hung around and chatted with us about the news.  We love The Guild – and appreciate their help each year with The Geek Gala and the Muggles Market.

Our guests include: Benjamin Burton, Sarah Bednarz, Marcus Hughes, Jimilia Wilson and Josh Hunnicutt.

This week’s topics included:


  • RIP: Robert Hardy (Cornelius Fudge), Harou Nakajima (Godzilla), Glen Campbell
  • ADAM WEST’s Final BATMAN Performance Gets Release Date
  • Millarworld: Why Has Netflix Gone All in on Comics?
  • David Letterman to Host Netflix Interview Series
  • Disney to Pull Movies From Netflix, Launch Streaming Service
  • Community Calendar Reminder


  • Carol: Twin Peaks, The Expanse, dealing with writers’ and reader’s block
  • Matt: The Dark Tower, The Big Sick, We Stand On Guard – comic book and Shorts: A collection of stories – comic by Eraklis Petmezas
  • Joey : Videos – David Hasselhof – Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, Chicken Attack, QC AnimeCon this weekend, Charlotte ComiCon next weekend, CleverCon & Crypto-Con announced
  • Tiffany: Landline, Game of Thrones

About The Guild: UNCC Science-Fiction & Fantasy Club

The UNCC Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Gaming Guild is a student organization that for three decades has provided a safe gathering for fans of all geekdoms. The Guild meets every Friday during the academic year on the second floor of the College of Health and Human Services building.



About Benjamin Burton

Benjamin Burton is a science fiction and fantasy fan and avid gamer who brings together his passions of geekery and volunteering to better the greater Charlotte fandom and the world in which it exists. His favorite fandoms include: Tolkien, Marvel, gaming, and horror movies. He is the Volunteer Coordinator for the 2017 Geek Gala.

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Facebook: The Guild: UNCC Science-Fiction & Fantasy Club


Originally recorded 08/09/2017

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