Episode 168: Getting Tick’d with Queen City Comedy!

Episode 168!  Caleb Van Voorhis of Queen City Comedy stopped by our studio (okay, our house – but a cool house!) to talk about their upcoming shows, his Tick video for charity, and why there are no longer any matchbox cars at Walmart this week.

Here’s Caleb’s Tick Video:

And here’s Caleb helping Giddy Geeker unbox more Geek Gala Donations!

About Queen City Comedy

Queen City Comedy is an artist-led , volunteer-staffed and member-supported nonprofit collective dedicated to making Charlotte the funniest city on the planet. We…

  • Recognize and reward the abundant comedy talent in Charlotte (Shine a Spotlight!).
  • Foster collaboration (Unity in the Community!) and
  • Encourage fresh ideas (uh,…Fresh Ideas!) making Charlotte a city known for comedy arts.

Upcoming Performance

Queen City Comedy presents Now Are the Foxes improv comedy show!

Like to laugh? Like a fun night out? Like fast-paced comedy like “Whose Line Is It Anyway?”

Then come out Friday August 18th to the Hilton at University Place for the time of your life! Drinks and food availale! Bring your friends and watch them get on stage and be a part of the fun!

Oh yeah….and tickets are FREE this month!  Click here to get some!

On the Interwebz

Facebook: Queen City Comedy, Now Are The Foxes

Website: Queen City Comedy

Originally recorded 08/16/2017

Guardians of the Geekery Episode 168

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