Away Team: The Cast of Hand to God

Starneslord and the Giddygeeker got to sit down with the cast of Hand to God, the latest production from Actors Theatre of Charlotte, showing November 8th through 25th.  We loved it – go see it!

PLEASE NOTE: For mature audiences only.  Adult Language & Adult Content. Must be at least 18 to attend without an adult.

About Hand to God by Robert Askins

A Tony nominee for Best Play of 2015, this subversive comedy took Broadway by storm and follows shy student, Jason, as he discovers an outlet for his burgeoning creativity at the Christian Puppet Ministry… until his hand puppet Tyrone takes on a shockingly irreverent and dangerous personality all its own. Could it be… SATAN??? HAND TO GOD explores the startlingly fragile nature of faith, morality, and the ties that bind us.

“The fearsome critter [Tyrone], who takes possession of a troubled teenager’s left arm in Robert Askins’ darkly delightful play really inspires goose bumps as he unleashes a reign of terror…But he’s also flat-out hilarious, spewing forth acid comedy that will turn those goose bumps into guffaws.” —The New York Times.

For tickets and information, visit their website by clicking here.
Originally recorded 11/04/2017

Away Team: Hand to God

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