Episode 190: News of the QC with the QCC

Episode 190!  Mia and David from Queen City Cinephiles hung out as we went over this week’s 

This episode’s topics included:


  • RIP: Wendy Pepper (Proj Runway), Robert Raitford (Charlotte Radio), Malcolm Young (AC/DC), Earle Hyman (Cosby Show, Thundercats’ Panthro),  David Cassidy,
  • James Franco May Be Joining the X-Men Universe as Multiple Man, also The Hardy Men, and twins in The Deuce
  • Netflix celebrates Turkey Day by renewing Mystery Science Theater 3000
  • Deathstroke Photo: Joe Manganiello Shares a First Look
  • BREAKING: Disney/Fox Deal Gaining Momentum, Could Be Imminent
  • Armie Hammer’s Balls Had to Be Digitally Edited Out of ‘Call Me By Your Name’
  • MTV is bringing ‘Jersey Shore’ back
  • ‘Avengers: Infinity War’ Trailer: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes May Have Finally Met Their Match
  • Why On Earth Is ‘The Walking Dead’ Banishing Morgan To ‘Fear the Walking Dead’ As Its Crossover?
  • The Dark Crystal: Netflix’s prequel TV show starts filming this week


  • Carol:  The Punisher, Lady Bird, Three Billboards, Marvel’s Runaways
  • Matt: Future Man
  • Joey : Questionable Content
  • Tiffany:  (not here)
  • Group Skate:  The Disaster Artist

About Queen City Cinephiles

In their own words: 

We are Mia Davis and David Cunningham. Our passion for film and for bringing people together has inspired us to create a film group. We called for film submissions and voila – we knew we could accomplish a dream of bringing film to our treasured Queen City Cinephiles.

We want to connect film appreciators to talk to the filmmakers, apply film studies to independent scenes, and roundtable discussions amongst each other your reactions at monthly screenings.

Find them on the interwebz!

Website – Queen City Cinephiles

Originally recorded 11/29/17

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