Episode 202: Visart Video and Saturday Morning Cartoons

Episode 202!  Matt Christiansen from Visart Video and friend Kerry Forgione join us and talk about Visart’s awesome new location, their fantastic video options, and why you need to support this amazing local business. And then, because they are our people, we ramble off about Saturday Morning Cartoons, and other fun things.

About Visart Video

Visart Video is one of the last Video Art houses and Video Rental stores in the country. Founded over 20 years ago, it features over 30,000 titles, many rare and out of print movies, television shows, music videos, documentaries and performance art films, along with new releases every week.

A comprehensive film-lovers store, Visart also features a whole bunch of movie-related collectibles and merchandise. A hangout for local filmmakers, artists and film lovers, Visart also features a screening room, complete with concessions.

Find Visart Video on the interwebz!

Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/visartvideo/

Instagram – @visartvideo

Website – VisartVideo.net


Originally recorded 2/14/18

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