Episode 207: MUSIC WEEK – David Tyberg and The Vailix

Episode 207!  

For this music week, we reviewed You Can’t Do That With A Banjo by David Tyberg as well as EPs  Architect and The Aeronaut by The Vailix.

(Full confession – the following bios were stolen from their Bandcamp pages: )

About David Tyberg

Every once in a while, singer/bass player David Tyberg takes a tiny break from his duties with steam-prog powerhouse The Extraordinary Contraptions to tune his tenor banjo and serve up his melodic musings on life, love, and nerd stuff. From folk to funk, it’s Tyberg’s unique, geek-rocker gaze that unifies his musical eclecticism. Can’t rock on a banjo, you say? Just try and stop him.

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About The Vailix

The Vailix is a female fronted hard rock band whose music is based on a sci-fi storyline called “The Tales of the Cloud Ocean”. Powerful vocals soar above riff-heavy guitars, grinding bass, and thunderous drums as they turn narration and images into songs that drive just as intensely as the story from which they spring. The Vailix is a unique, and heart-pounding experience from start to finish!

Please click on the links to listen to the albums yourselves – and tell us if you agree with us! #supportlocal


Originally recorded 3/07/18

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