Episode 211: Movie Week – Iron Man (2008)

Episode 211 Movie Week!  In anticipation of the upcoming Avengers: Infinity War – the Guardians re-watched the movie that started it all – Iron Man from 2008 with Robert Downey, Jr.  Scott Baughman and his wife Meda join us to add their two cents also! Make sure to head back to Episode 210 to find out more about them! 


About Scott Baughman

In his own words: 

Born in the midlands of South Carolina, Scott spent his early years reading great science fiction novels, mysteries, fantasy books and the Choose-your-own-adventure series of the 1980s. Baughman knew he wanted to be a writer by the third grade, where as an elementary school student on career day he eschewed the fireman, soldier or policeman costumes to dress up as a fedora-wearing, camera-snapping member of the press. Today, several newspaper jobs and journalism writing awards behind him, he has self-published the first book of his Balance of Power science fiction series – Rule of Thumb! He is the father of two sons and lives in Charlotte, NC with his wife Meda and their dog, Mayer.

Find Scott on the interwebz!

Editor Website – MeckTimes.com

Game WebsiteStar Wars Destiny Squadron League

Author WebsiteWriteGreatScott.com

Originally recorded 4/11/18


Guardians of the Geekery Episode 211

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