Episode 228: MUSIC WEEK – The Murder of Jane Crow and The Doubleclicks

Episode 228!  

For this music week, we reviewed Paralyzed by The Murder of Jane Crow and Love Problems by The Doubleclicks. You can click the album name above to listen to each album on Bandcamp – or click the player below to listen to it right here!

Both groups will be performing at this year’s DragonCon so you can check them out live if you are attending!

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About The Murder of Jane Crow

(stolen from Bandcamp)

The Murder is ruffling feathers around the world with their unique fusion of goth, cabaret, classical music and gypsy storytelling. Violinist Haleigh Black and vocalist Jane Grace support pianist and composer Jane Crow as they soar into the emotional highs of true love and happiness, only to swoop down again into despair. A truly original act!

Paralyzed by The Murder of Jane Crow

About The Doubleclicks

(stolen from Bandcamp)

The Doubleclicks are a pair of Portland-based sisters who sing about Dungeons and Dragons, Mr. Darcy, and Dinosaurs.
The Doubleclicks’ clever brand of nerdy folk music has been called “relentlessly likable” and “face-meltingly wry.”
Their fans tend to be software developers, writers and their loved ones, as well as anyone who loves Star Trek, grammar, dinosaurs or video games.

Love Problems by The Doubleclicks

Originally recorded 7/25/18

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