Episode 229: Swordwind

Episode 229!  Eric Lowe and Jessica Hunter from Swordwind brought their weapons and stormed the Geek Gala HQ (okay, they just rang the doorbell – but that’s not as a dramatic).

And here’s a video of the swords they brought!

About Swordwind

Swordwind teaches Historical European Martial Arts (HEMA) in Charlotte North Carolina. We specialize in authentic medieval and renaissance sword fighting, dagger fighting, and wrestling. We base our classes on techniques from historical German and Italian fencing and fight sources.

Eric Lowe began studying medieval German longsword in 2013 under world-renowned instructor Tristan Zukowski of the New York Historical Fencing Association (NYHFA).

Quickly becoming competitive across the southeast, his dedication to the art drove him to found Swordwind in 2014. Since then the club has grown dramatically, attracting a variety of students who share an enthusiasm for swords, history, and competitive martial arts.

Swordwind on the Interwebz:

Originally recorded 08/01/2018

Guardians of the Geekery Episode 229

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