Episode 233: Cats Dreaming

Episode 233! Kate Jones, Karen Marchese, and Theresa Hemingway from Cats Dreaming joined us to talk about some of the amazing items they will be bringing to this year’s Muggles Market, as well as past Geek Gala fun.  

They also helped us unboxing some awesome donations we received last week – so much fun! Here’s the video:

Check out their interview over on CharlotteGeeks.com

About Cats Dreaming

(in their own words) We started our business, Cats Dreaming, several years ago to sell our crafts at shows and online. Kate is a seamstress currently exploring doll making, especially fantasy creatures. Karen paints both the doll’s faces and is involved with the design process. She also paints fantasy scenes onto rocks, with a special interest in dragon eyes. Theresa recently began collaborating with us.

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Find Cats Dreaming on the interwebz!

EtsyCats Dreaming

Originally recorded 8/15/18


Guardians of the Geekery Episode 233

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