Episode 241: MUSIC WEEK – Curtis Eller’s American Circus and the Misbehavin’ Maidens

Episode 241!  

For this music week, we reviewed How to Make it in Hollywood by Curtis Eller’s American Circus and Sloppy Seconds by Misbehavin’ Maidens. Chris O’Neill from Shakespeare Carolina joined in the review – make sure to check out his interview on episode 240!

You can click the album name above to listen to each album on Bandcamp – or click the player below to listen to it right here!

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About Curtis Eller’s American Circus

(stolen from Bandcamp)

Curtis Eller is a banjo player, songwriter and rock & roll singer. Eller’s songs describe a dreamlike vision of American history where all points in time have collapsed into one. Abe Lincoln, Buster Keaton and Joe Louis rub shoulders against a backdrop of circus disasters and sweatshop fires.

How to Make it in Hollywood by Curtis Eller’s American Circus

About Misbehavin’ Maidens

(stolen from Bandcamp)

Nerd folk comedy band comprised of four women from the Washington, DC / Baltimore area with a love of sex-positive music, parodies, drinking & fandom references for 18+ geeks.

Sloppy Seconds by Misbehavin’ Maidens

Originally recorded 9/26/18

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