Episode 243: HeroRun Race with Erin and Tommy

Episode 242! Erin Belker, the Marketing Director from American Asset Corporation/Fairview Village and Tommy Rieman from Veterans Bridge Home join us to talk about HeroRun – a third annual 5K and 1k fun run happening on Saturday, October 27th at 8 am.  Use code GEEKERYWINS for 50% off the registration price. 

Erin and Tommy also helped us unbox some awesome donations we received last week! Here’s the video:

About HeroRun

(in their own words)

Our President is a big advocate for community involvement and health and wellness. We were trying to come up with ideas to get the community out and thus HeroRun was born. We hate to say it, but we knew we wanted to do the superhero thing first. The military tie in came second. We knew we wanted to work with a local charity that could easily tie into the HeroRun theme and one of our team members, who’s father was a retired Coast Guard Senior Chief suggested Veterans Bridge Home. We did some research and we were convinced they would be a great fit for HeroRun.

This year is our third year running and our goal is to get to 500 runners.

We team up with Veteran’s Bridge Home Proceeds to benefit the real heroes among us, our military veterans. HeroRun is a 1k fun run and a 5k to bring awareness and help our veterans that fought for this our great nation.
To make it even more fun, we encourage everyone to dress up as they favorite super hero! Join us and run for a good cause!

About Veterans Bridge Home

Veterans Bridge Home helps Charlotte-area Veterans successfully transition home after military service by identifying their education, employment and healthcare needs and connecting them to available community, state and federal resources.

After the regimen and sacrifice of military duty, transition to civilian life can be challenging as Veterans reunite with their families, pursue a new profession, locate services which were all on base, and build a social network. In some cases they also recover from wounds and also pursue further education. Veterans Bridge Home serves as an entry point for Veterans who don’t know where to turn to access support and services. Because Veterans return home to a civilian community and not to federal agencies or bureaucracies, each community must reach out and actively assist in the reintegration process alongside federal agencies such as the Veterans Administration.

Charlotte has the opportunity and privilege to help bring our nation’s warriors and their families home with the same energy and commitment that our Veterans have displayed in serving our nation. In so doing, Charlotte will serves as a leader to inform other communities that wish to create more welcoming and livable communities for returning Veterans and their families.

Find HeroRun on the interwebz!

Website – Herorun.RacesOnline.com

Facebook – HeroRunCLT

Find Veterans Bridge Home on the interwebz!

Website – Herorun.RacesOnline.com

Facebook – HeroRunCLT

Originally recorded 10/10/18


Guardians of the Geekery Episode 243

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