Episode 251: Phil Fortner – GSG ESports

Episode 251! WE LIVE! Yeah, 2019 has started a bit shaky, but we are back in the podcast booth (well, we were in January, when this was recorded). We promise, we will be back to regular recordings as soon as the world stops being so chaotic!

On this episode, Phil Fortner from Get Some Game joins the Guardians to discuss the new ESports facility at GSG!

About Get Some Games

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Since 2010, Get Some Game has been the best place in Charlotte to play board games, Magic the Gathering, Cardfight Vandguard, Yugioh and other fun things. They also sell Gundams, & Anime imports . Their second story is now dedicated to ESports!

Find Get Some Game on the Interwebz!

FacebookGet Some Game

InternetGet Some Game

Originally recorded 1/12/19

Guardians of the Geekery Episode 251: Phil Fortner/GSG ESports

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