Episode 258: GeekyCutesy

Episode 258: Jenn from GeekyCutesy joins the Guardians for a bawdy talk about jewelry.

GeekyCutesy has a quirky approach to the traditional jewelry you see every day.  They love creating simple, classic looking jewelry and accessories that are innocuous at first glance, but really show your unique self.  Whether you love all things geek, all things cute, or a mix of both, you’ll find something here!  Snark is fairly prevalent, as well!

Find them on the interwebz:

Website: GeekyCutesy

Facebook: GeekyCutesy Handstamped & Bespoke Designs

Instagram: GeekyCutesy

Email: info@geekycutesy.com

Originally recorded 4/24/2019

Episode 258: Jenn, GeekyCutesy

GOTG: Episode 258

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