Episode 260: Casual Confections

Episode 260: The Guardians are joined by Crystal from Casual Confections. She even brought us delicious treats!

Started in August 2016, the Casual Confections was born out of Crystal sharing recipes she was baking on social media. Instead of sharing recipes or discussing techniques in individual comments, a baking blog allows her to share this information to a wider audience.

This was YUMMY!

Currently, the recipes on Casual Confections are experiments. These are recipes found on other websites and blogs or shared by other bakers. The intent of experimenting with other people’s recipes is to learn new techniques and try new desserts. Some experiments do involve combining several existing recipes. Not all of the experiments work out whether due to the recipe itself or due to baker error. Casual Confections captures the successes and failures of these adventures to show that everything takes practice, bakes don’t have to be flawless, and, above all, baking is fun no matter the outcome.

 In early 2019, Casual Confections officially became a custom online bakery

Find Casual Confections on the Interwebz:

Website: Casual Confections

Facebook: Casual Confections

Twitter Casual Confections

Instagram: Casual Confections

Email: Casualconfections@gmail.com

Originally recorded on 5/15/2019

Episode 260: Casual Confections

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