Episode 263 – The Library Bards (jazz hands) at ConCarolinas 2019

The Library Bards

Episode 263: The Guardians, in their quest to speak to ALL the important guests at ConCarolinas 2019, tied up The Library Bards (jazz hands!) for a quick chat! Don’t worry, they enjoyed it!

The Library Bards (jazz hands!) have become a staple in the new Comic and Pop Culture Convention scene. Traveling the United States, the dynamic performances of Bonnie Gordon (ABC’s The Quest; voice of R. Mika in Street Fighter V), and Xander Jeanneret (TBS’ King of the Nerds; voice of the Announcer in Divekick) bring life to the main stages of Cosplay Contests, Panels, and Concert performances. 

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Originally recorded 6/2/19

Episode 263: The Library Bards (jazz hands)

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Episode 262: ConCarolinas wrap up with Sarah Mohr

Episode 262 – The Guardians are joined by Sarah Mohr from Sarah’s Character Creations to do a final wrap up of our time at ConCarolinas 2019!

Be sure to see Sarah when she vends at The Muggles Market on Saturday, November 2nd, 10am – 4pm

Find Sarah, The Muggles Market and ConCarolinas on the Interwebz:

Sarah’s Character Creations – Facebook

Sarah’s Character Creations – Tumblr

The 2019 Muggles Market – Facebook

The 2019 Muggles Market – Website

ConCarolinas – Website

Originally recorded 6/5/19

Episode 262: ConCarolinas Wrap-up with Sarah Mohr

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Episode 261: Aaron Rosenberg at ConCarolinas 2019

Episode 261: The Guardians went to ConCarolinas 2019 where they sat down with author Aaron Rosenberg!

Aaron Rosenberg is the author of the best-selling DuckBob SC comedy series, the Dread Remora space-opera series, the Relicant epic fantasy series with Steve Savile and the O.C.L.T. occult thriller series with David Niall Wilson. Aaron’s tie-in work contains novels for Star Trek, Warhammer, World of WarCraft, Stargate: Atlantis, Shadowrun, Eureka and more. He has also written children’s books, including the original series STEM Squad and Pete and Penny’s Pizza Puzzles, the award-winning Bandslam: The Junior Novel and the #1 best-selling 42: The Jackie Robinson Story.

Find Aaron on the Interwebz:

Website: www.gryphonrose.com

Facebook: Gryphon Rose

Twitter: Gryphonrose

Originally recorded 6/2/19

Episode 261: Aaron Rosenberg

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