Episode 262: ConCarolinas wrap up with Sarah Mohr

Episode 262 – The Guardians are joined by Sarah Mohr from Sarah’s Character Creations to do a final wrap up of our time at ConCarolinas 2019!

Be sure to see Sarah when she vends at The Muggles Market on Saturday, November 2nd, 10am – 4pm

Find Sarah, The Muggles Market and ConCarolinas on the Interwebz:

Sarah’s Character Creations – Facebook

Sarah’s Character Creations – Tumblr

The 2019 Muggles Market – Facebook

The 2019 Muggles Market – Website

ConCarolinas – Website

Originally recorded 6/5/19

Episode 262: ConCarolinas Wrap-up with Sarah Mohr

GOTG: Episode 262

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