Episode 265: Robot Johnson!

Episode 265: We take yet another quick break from ConCarolinas interviews to bring you Robot Johnson! Tania Kelly and Mathew Schantz joined the Guardians to tell us all about their upcoming new show. Be sure to check them out on August 9, 2019. Link for tickets is below! We would also like to thank Tania and Mathew for helping with our first Gala unboxing video! Be sure to check our the replay on the Charlotte Geeks Facebook page!

Robot Johnson is Charlotte’s premier sketch comedy group and all around fun group of bad people. You should probably suggest them to all the people you think are bad people, which is everyone you know. And your mom.

Look at the COOL RoJo SWAG!

For information and to purchase tickets to the August 9th Robot Johnson show at The Evening Muse in Charloteplease click here!

Find Robot Johnson on the Interwebz!




Originally recorded 7/25/19

Episode 265: Robot Johnson

GOTG: Episode 265

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