Episode 268: Matt (sans Abby) Steninger

Episode 268: Matt Steninger from The Kitsch-ers Go joins the Guardians to discuss the Kitsch-ers and his other projects. While he was without his lovely cohort, Abby, Matt is always a delight! Be sure to check out the unboxing video shot prior to the recording where Matt and the Giddy Geeker show off some of the amazing items that will be going into the Geeky Raffle Baskets at The Geek Gala this year!

Matt and Abby

Find Matt and Abby on the interwebz

The Kitsch-ers Go YouTube

The Kitsh-ers Go Facebook

Friki Tiki Theater on YouTube

Geek Gala Video #1

Geek Gala Video #2

Originally recorded 8/7/19

Episode 268: Matt Steninger

GOTG: Episode 268

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