Episode 271 – Sara May’s Gourmet Chocolates

Episode 271: The Guardians gleefully welcome Mary Herrington from Sara May”s Gourmet. Why were we gleeful? Because Mary brought chocolate! Lot’s of chocolate.

Sara May’s Gourmet is 100% Top 14 Allergen Free, small batch, vegan, hand poured gourmet chocolates. From their basic dark chocolate bar to their specialty celebration chocolates , Sara May’s wants you to feel pampered, indulged and excited to be able to have a treat.  And indulge we did! Sara May’s will be at the Muggles Market this November – be sure to stop by and indulge a bit! Sara May’s also make teas! Chances are, if you can’t find Carol the Cat during the Muggles’s Market – she will likely be at the Sara May’s booth!

Sara May’s Gourmet Chocolates

Find Sara May’s on the interwebz!

Sara May’s Chocolates website



Muggle’s Market Information

Originally recorded 9/18/19

Episode 271: Sara May’s Gourmet Chocolates

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