Episode 274 – Nicole Odom, Dogtopia

Episode 274: The Guardians are known animal lovers. So it was with extreme joy that we welcomed Nicole Odom, owner of Dogtopia in Charlotte. Listen to us wax poetic about puppies and geekdom!

Dogtopia Great Pumpkin Photo Shoot

At Dogtopia, they believe in safe socialization, exercise and education for your furry child. Their dog daycare centers provide the utmost in quality care as they separate each dog by size, temperament and promise evaluated, vaccinated dogs in a supervised environment. You can even watch them play all day via our live webcams! Webcams are available only for paying customers – sorry, Starneslord! They even do holiday themed photo shoots!

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Originally recorded 10/8/19

Episode 274 – Nicole Odom, Dogtopia

GOTG: Episode 274

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