Episode 151: Singing the News and Blues with Ezra and David

Episode 151!  Ezra and David serenade us with an amazing intro – and then we chat about this week’s news and views.  And then Carol the Cat deletes our outro – so they play us out as well – it was awesome!!

Tonight’s Topics Included:


  • American Gods
  • Face Off
  • Agents of SHIELD
  • Donald Glover’s Deadpool
  • The Orville trailer
  • Powerless
  • Son of Zorn
  • Timeless


  • Logan Noir trailer
  • James McAvoy – New Mutants/Magick & Wolfsbane casting
  • Pinhead Takes a Bride
  • Tome York – The Suspiria
  • Women Who Love Star Wars documentary

Books & Comics

  • Batman Writer Channels Near-Death Experience?
  • Kansas City Retailer Killed in Robbery

Local Events

About Ezra Root

Ezra Root put their own acoustic spin on some of thier favorite covers as well as original songs. Packed with plenty of smooth guitar riffs, soulful vocals and infectious grooves. ReggaeBluesFunkJazz at its finest.

Catch them at your favorite local watering hole in an around the greater Charlotte area.

With Ezra Root on vocals and guitar and David Gibson with vocals and percussion.

Check Out Their Video!

On The Interwebz

Website:  http://www.ezraroot.com/

ReverbNation: Ezra Root

Facebook: Ezra Root

Twitter: @EzraRoot

YouTube: Ezra Root

Originally recorded 05/17/2017

BONUS EPISODE: Hail, Deadpool the Eagle!

This week the Guardians went to 3 advance movie screenings including “Hail, Caesar!,” “Eddie the Eagle”, and “Marvel’s Deadpool.” Huddled in Starneslord’s Hyundai and joined by Gallifrey Pirate Radio’s own Davey Beauchamp; the Guardians (minus Tiffles – who knows where she was) recapped (without spoilers) their cinematic musings (or something like that).  

Episode 10: Crackers with Graham

Graham Odom
Graham Odom from Robot Johnson Sketch Comedy Group joins us this week. Despite his best efforts, his appearance did provide us with sincere joy.  Robot Johnson’s next show is April 3rd at Upstage.  To find out more about Robot Johnson, visit www.robotjohnson.com.

This week’s contest (continued from last week) is for a 13th Floor EFX prize pack including t-shirts and DVDs all in their own personal tote bag.  The question:  What kind of new Doctor Who baddie should they introduce in the series?  
Please note, this could be a new race of bad, or just a new bad super power they have to battle.  Post your suggestion on Facebook, or email us at info@guardiansofthegeekery.com.  The deadline is Monday, February 23rd before 6 PM.  We will choose a winner  from all the entries and announce them on our 10th episode!


This episode, we attempt to discuss the following: 

Guardians of the Geekery Episode 10

Things to Note:

  • From last week: We have found out that “No! Not Timmy!” comes from the horror film Slaughtered.
  • We don’t have a link for an actual spreadsheet yet.  But if Graham provides it, we will post it.
  • Giddygeeker mentally swapped Jonah Hill with Nick Jonas, not Nick Jones.  Either way – it is wrong.
  • Giddygeeker did not have a petrified baby, she had a dermoid the size of one that we affectionately named ABE (Alien BabE).
  • Armie Hammer appeared in The Lone Ranger, aka Cowboy Indian Racism movie.
  • Just for the record, Tiffany, Carol and the Giddygeeker are women.  Graham and Starneslord are men.  Just because we seemed to discuss this a lot this episode.
  • Jake Gyllenhaal appeared in the film noir thriller, Nightcrawler (2014). The Nightcrawler we were discussing is a Marvel Superhero that is part of the X-Men.
  • Giddygeeker did indeed fall to the floor from laughing.  She did not, however, make any of the gestures to which Graham alluded.
  • Giddygeeker apologizes in advance that this episode is not as well documented.  Graham’s frenzy of segues confused her cancer brain.

Videos/Pictures To Prove Its Real!

Spider-Man Edited in to Avengers’ Battle of New York

Every Major Snape Scene – in Chronological Order – Tells a Totally New Story

The Man from UNCLE Trailer

The Lazarus Effect Trailer

Episode 2: The Holly Jolly Guardians

Welcome to Episode 2!

In this episode we discuss Charlotte Comicon, Spiderhands,and Pat Broderick vs.  Cosplay (including how to cosplay as us), Geek Meets (Book Club, Game Night, Star Wars at Charlotte Checkers), The new Hobbit movie,  Cards Against Humanities’ Black Friday sale,  Carrie Fisher vs. Gillian Anderson at DragonCon, Christmas Movies, the Cat’s obsession with Martin Freeman, Geeky & Favorite Christmas Music, and our Christmas wish list.

Things to note:

  1. Smaug is not a very thick fog, smog is. (Thanks, Tiffany)
  2. To see the video of our Spider hand in action, please visit our Facebook page!
  3. Michael Keaton was never Superman that we are aware of.
  4. Starneslord is not Randy Quaid. Honest.

Guardians of the Geekery Episode 2


Carol the Cat’s “All I Want for Christmas” favorite